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Grand reopening with the Verbs, Saturday 26th March 2022. From left, Jim (Landlord) & David.


Grand reopening, Saturday March 26th 2022

Sunday singalong 3rd April 2022

Sandwich board 1.jpg
Bank Holiday Monday 18th April Live Band: Roach
Roach 18th April.jpg
Roach: Bank Holiday Monday April 18th
Summertime Blues
Morris people 27th April 2022.jpg
Morris people 27th april 2022 2.jpg
Brothers Grimm duo performing on Saturday 30th June
Bank Holiday Monday May 3rd with live music from Sixpack.
Ales on sale.jpg
Our new ale range (Broadside is our guest ale until Wednesday 11th May). More guest ales to come soon!
Folk night Wednesday 11th May
Cobblestones live Saturday 14th May
Quiz 1 scores.jpg
Chequers Plays Pop Scores Thursday 19th May 
Quiz cup.jpg
The Old Chequers Cup Trophy May 2022
Bristol Fashion (Traditional Folk and Dance)Thursday May 26th 2022
Monthly Folk night Wednesday 8th June 2022

First Open Mic Night Thursday 23rd June 2022

Loganda afternoon June 2022.jpg

Loganda Club afternoon Wednesday 29th June

Moving Waves Friday 1st July 2022

Morris Men Wednesday 6th July 2002

The Verbs Sunday 7th August 2022

Otters Pocket Saturday 24th September 2022

Steve & Greta November 2022

New Champions of the Quiz February 2022.jpg

Quiz winners 'None The Wiser' Friday 24th February 2023

Folk Session Wednesday 8th March 2023

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